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Happy New Years!

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYBODY! Its 2012 and its going to be a good year!

LA Lakers!

Hey everyone! I hope everybody is doing good! After Christmas, I been watching my favorite basketball team the LA Lakers! I love the Lakers! I would love to meet Kobe Bryant because is my favorite basketball player! He is a good basketball and he is the only person I know that can throw a 3 pointer perfectly! Haha! I hope everyone have a goodnight!


Hey everyone! I know Christmas already pass but I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!

A’s and B!

Hello everyone I am so excited because I got A’s and B’s on my progress report yay me!!!! I have been doing ok but i keep going. I can’t wait till Christmas to spend time with my family. I am still praying and hoping our info get to Extreme Home Makeover so please get the word out and pray we get picked that would be an AWESOME gift. I hoping everyone is doing great and here is a BIG HUG!!!!!

Checking In!

I’m just checking in! Hopefully everybody is doing okay. My mom and I have been exercising together. She trying help get my muscle working better and I’m helping her lose weight. What a great team we are! I just love my mama!


My doggy, Chloe, is so sweet! She is so much fun to play with and she is loving to other people! Chloe is my bestest friend ever! I love her sooooooooooooooo much!


Hey y’all! I’m sick today! I have a cold coming and my asthma is not liking that very much! I hope y’all have a wonderful day and may GOD bless y’all!


Hey y’all! Today in my neighborhood we are going trick or treating tonight! I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to wear! I’m taking my doggy Chloe with me tonight and hope she don’t break away from me again! Ha ha! I hope y’all have a nice day! Happy Halloween MWHAHAHA!

Extreme Home Makeover!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I been on here. I been under the weather and busy with homework. But I hear that Extreme Home Makeover is coming to Greenville, SC and I know it would be AWESOME if they could pick us to turn my house to a handicap accessible home for my grandma and me. To help us go to www.wspa.com and go to page 2 and you will see the 25 Day of Wishes, fill out the form, and nominate us for Extreme Home Makeover! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH CHERRY ON TOP HELP US!

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The Dog Was Walking Us!

Today was AWESOME! My Bff and I took my doggy Chloe walking. It turned out okay UNTIL she got off the leash! Now me and my bff had to chase her because she was going to house to house to house! This Chinese lady said “Why she not on a leash?” I said “BECAUSE IT CAME OFF!!!!!” She said “Oh GOD!” I had to call my mama so she can help me and my bff get Chloe! When my mama came Chloe walk towards her and act like nothing ever happened! It was soooo funny because me and my bff was suppose to walk her but Chloe was walking us!

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